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#RockThatInterview Initiative

We decided to run the #RockThatInterview campaign to give a small confidence boost to young ladies looking for jobs and to older women who may have suffered retrenchments or job losses. The campaign is primarily on our Twitter page and other social media platforms. (Twitter:

Why this specific initiative? Firstly we believe that the more people in jobs the better the country and indeed Africa as a whole, fares. We believe that when we empower women they, in turn, go on to make massive differences in our society. The strength of a woman is something remarkable and this campaign seeks to help women unleash that strength through boldness and confidence.

We believe that having confidence is one of the keys to nailing a job interview and how a woman looks and feels has a great impact on her confidence. 

Over the coming months, we will be giving stunning handbags to ladies going for job interviews. How you dress and the accessories you carry can have a great impact on your confidence and mental fortitude... 

More favour will be given to young, first-time job seekers who are currently unemployed. We will also consider anyone who has been retrenched or hasn’t had a job in a while. 

Entries will be considered as they come in. To respect gift recipients’ privacy we will not post pictures or details of recipients but recipients are welcome (not obligated) to post their gifts & stories if they choose to.

Terms and Conditions of the initiative

Entrants or recipients refers to any person that enters the draw for the initiative through any of our social media channels. Our decision on the recipients will be final. Bags won will not be exchanged for cash. Delivery will be arranged anywhere in SA. This initiative is only open to South African residents.

The choice of bags given out will be subject to availability and KaryKase reserves the right to limit the value of the bags on offer at its own discretion. Prizes will be delivered to recipients free of charge. Recipients will, therefore, be required to share address and contact details. Further information may be required to verify the entrants' identity and veracity of any claims made.

Any information collected from entrants to verify interview appointments or for any other purposes will be treated in accordance with the POPI Act and with GDPR requirements.

KaryKase reserves the right to discontinue the campaign without notice. We also reserve the right to vary the type and quantity of prizes and to vary the criteria for selection of recipients.