KaryKase is a mega online retailer of all types of bags, luggage and accessories. We only carry high-quality products and vet every product before adding it to our catalogue. We have a vast range of laptop bags, handbags, backpacks, baby bags, back packs, duffel bags, cabin luggage, travel cases, pilot cases, leather and fabric bags, everyday and luxury brands specialised bags such as camera bags and many others.

We are based out of Pretoria and ship across South Africa and internationally.

We have a bias for locally made products with our Made in SA range being quite popular. We also have a great selection of international brands as well. We are driven by a passion for the development of the African continent and we believe that South Africa can be a great catalyst for the growth of the African continent.

We love to delight our customers and have a rather unorthodox servicing model whereby each and every customer deals with only 1 (at most 2) agents from start to finish - even upon return. We believe that this model fosters good relationships and deeper understanding of customer needs.

We value genuine relationships, community and growth. We love to build. We love quality and believe in providing great value. We believe in always giving back and empowering others.