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Article: 10 Valentine’s gifts for him/her

10 Valentine’s gifts for him/her - KaryKase

10 Valentine’s gifts for him/her

Valentine’s day can be a challenging time for those of us who are baefied. Finding the perfect gift is not a straight-forward task. What makes it difficult is that you want a gift that expresses your love. In addition, you want it to be actually useful to them.
Besides flowers and chocolates (for her), the following are likely to earn you a tonne of brownie points...

Gifts for her

1. A small purse

Genuine leather purses tend to work best here. They last long, and your significant other will most likely use it daily. As a special touch, you can add a picture of you together as well as a gift card inside the purse. Another option would be to add a massage spa voucher in place of the gift card.

2. A travel bag with a few special items inside

This works very well if you plan to travel together soon. You could throw in some travel-related items in as well. Toiletry bags, hiking gear, and other travel accessories work well.

3. A Tote bag packed with picnic items

Nothing beats a romantic picnic in a lush green park. This is perfect if you have a good park or botanical gardens nearby. You could stuff the tote bag with a picnic blanket/cloth, Perspex cups, drinks, and snacks. The best part is that she gets to keep the bag after the picnic!

4. A jewellery box

If she has lots of jewellery then a quality jewellery box makes a very good gift. This can also work if you plan to give her lots of jewellery in the future.

5. A handbag

Ladies love handbags! If you are still unsure about what to get her then a good quality handbag is your best bet. A genuine handmade, leather bag would work particularly well.

Gifts for him

Guys are generally laid back when it comes to gifting. The most obvious tends to be a watch. Other than that, ladies tend to be unsure about what to get their significant others. A few of the ideas we would suggest are…

6. A duffel bag

Whether you call it a duffle or duffel bag, these tend to be very versatile bags for men. The best part is that you don’t usually have to add too much. The simple gift should do.

7. A leather wallet

Men tend to hold onto their old wallets for eons. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get them a special new wallet. A nice addition here would be stuffing tickets to a show you watch together inside the wallet. Tickets to a cricket/soccer/rugby game would also work well (if you are willing to go with him).

8. A watch box

If he has more than 1 watch and intends to get more in the future, then he’ll appreciate a quality watch-box. These tend to work well for guys who have a taste for classy looks but not for guys who are techy/sporty.

9. A techy backpack

Guys who are into tech secretly want you to buy them hi-tech backpacks! If he’s into tech then he’ll love a well spec’d laptop backpack.

10. Messenger bag

This also appeals to the classy guys – especially entrepreneurial and professional guys who tend to take a lot of off-site meetings. Messenger bags tend to enhance their looks and generate respect. Most guys won’t buy these for themselves but tend to love them when given as a gift.
We hope this little guide has been helpful and wish you a year filled with love.
The KaryKase Team

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